CARMORE resolves information asymmetry
in the car rental industry.

It was too complicated to make an reservation when it comes to rent a car, unlike flight tickets. To check if there is a car to rent, compare prices and options, spending a long time to make phone calls were neccessary to rent a car. And it was so hard to find real reviews from actual users.

Even for car rental companies, it wasn’t easy to let the customers know that they have good options since they were all looking for different things from different places. To provide customers with easier access to all this information and make the car rental market system more efficient,

We make <CARMORE>, which customers can quickly and conveniently compare rental car prices, read reviews and rent a good vehicle. For car rental businesses, we make <CARMORE Partners> to manage their vehicles and bookings.

Travel becomes freer with CARMORE.

CARMORE, the Leading Car Rental Booking Platform.

It is an O2O platform service that allows you to make reservations in real time by comparing the prices of rental cars at a glance and showing reliable reviews from people who have actually used them.

Carmore Partners

CARMORE Partners, the Best ERP Service for Car Rental Businesses.

It is a rental car management program developed by TeamO2 that allows rental car companies to effectively manage vehicle reservations and sales through mobile and PC.